Shiloh National Military Park, May 26th, Corinth, MS

The 33rd travels to the Shiloh National Military Park.  The 33rd was in good hands with Rick, our Cavallo bus driver.  We left at 6 AM and had an uneventful day of driving to Corinth, Mississippi.  After checking in, we all felt the urge to play. So we went into Corinth in search of a suitable practice spot.  The lawn in front of the courthouse served us well, and we played for about an hour.  Several townspeople heard the music from a distance and sought out the source of the music.  We did our best to encourage them to come to the concert the next evening.

On Saturday, we took a tour of the Shiloh battlefield, then back to get dressed for he evening concert.  We were the third (and featured) group to play as part of the Memorial Day concert, following "Lost Cause" and Steve and Lisa Ball.  The other groups did a bit of history as well, and we felt a little challenged to choose music that the audience hadn't already heard that evening.  However, with the help of our friends of the Central Illinois Civil War Dance Society, we were able to present a good show, even if we WERE wearing the BLUE uniforms!  We felt welcomed by the staff and the public and enjoyed our time in Shiloh.

After the concert, we boarded the bus for a hop to Henderson, Kentucky.  We were surprised to see Sally and Darcy there, who had driven down from Minnesota to meet us.  After a concert during the morning service at First United Methodist Church and a delightful luncheon afterwards, we headed back home after a whirlwind tour of a bit of the South!

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