Carl Bennett :
Bass Drum & Cymbal

Carl is the Bass Drum Player-Equipment Transporter-Librarian-Village Idiot for the band. His extreme good looks, razor sharp wit, incredible talent and his inability to say “no” have led him to work like a dog for the band. While Carl’s lack of musical ability is legendary, his interest in the history of the bands and the music of the Civil War has led to much of the information used in the narration of the band’s programs. Although he is frequently accused of “making this (stuff) up” he says he can document it all. “Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah.”

On occasion, Carl, disguised as a mild-mannered, retired pharmacist, becomes a wool-wearing, drum-toting Civil War soldier/historian possessing an almost pathological desire to educate the public about the importance of music to the Civil War soldier and the role of the brass band during the 1860’s conflict. Carl has been in the band since its creation in 1996. While he can do a mean cover of “Feelings” when he has a microphone, he still cannot write a serious autobiography.

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