Augustus Guthrie Woodward

Augustus Guthrie WOODWARD

1 May 1833 – 19 April 1920


Augustus was born in Erie County, Pennsylvania and died in Alameda, Alameda County, California. He was cremated at the Oakland Crematorium in Oakland, California. The crematorium records state that Mr. Woodward's ashes were given to Mrs. Woodward. Augustus' wife, Maggie, died in 1918, therefore we believe that the Mrs. Woodward referred to in those records was probably the wife of one of Augustus' sons. Augustus was the son of Ezra W. and Cornelia (Prindle) Woodward.

The 1860 census of Lexington, Illinois lists Augustus Woodward, age 26, a blacksmith, living in the home of Malcom Magill, also a blacksmith. Another boarder at the Magill home was Sarah E. Luce, age 20, a school teacher.

Augustus joined the Army and served for one year as a member of the 33rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment Band. 

Augustus and Sarah were married on 1 October 1862 in Lexington, Illinois. Their first daughter, Carrie Cornelia, was born in August 1863 at Lexington. A second daughter, Fannie, was born in 1866 and died in 1869. The 1870 census of Lexington, Illinois recorded Augustus Woodward, age 37, blacksmith and head of the household, his wife, Maggie, age 29, and a daughter, Carrie, age 7.

Sarah Elizabeth (Luce) Woodward, the daughter of Samuel Soverhill and Jane Ann (Lucas) Luce, died on 22 August 1875. She was buried beside her daughter Fannie in the Evergreen Cemetery at Bloomington, Illinois.

Margaret Celestia Boller became the second wife of Augustus Wooward on 29 June 1879 in Lexington, Illinois. The 1880 census listed Augustus, a blacksmith, his wife Margaret, and two daughters, Carrie and Gussie.

Carrie Woodward was married to William M. Davidson on 21 December 1881 in Lexington. Augustus and Maggie had a son, Frank born in 1880 and a daughter Grace L. born in 1882.

During the time Augustus lived in Lexington, he was the director of Woodward's Silver Cornet Band. In 1886, shortly after the Woodwards had moved to Tulare, California, their new home and blacksmith shop were destroyed by fire. The Lexington newspaper told of a benefit concert given by the Silver Cornet Band, the proceeds being sent to their former leader in Tulare.

The 1900 and 1910 census recordings list the Woodward family as residents of Tulare. Two more children, Louis Augustus and Dorothy Diana were born in Tulare.

Margaret died on 11 September 1918 at home in Oakland, California. She had been a school teacher. The remains were cremated. Her obituary was published in the Lexington paper and closed with this sentence. “Mr. Woodward was the leader of the band in the 33rd Ill. Reg't during the War of the Rebellion”.


Research and Article Written by

Liz Veselack

October 2002

Submitted by Sara Simpson

August 2019

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