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Who Is the 33rd?  

33rd’s Fourth CD Recording in the Works!

This fall, the 33rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment Band will be recording a new CD, their 4th CD album.  Watch for more information as this becomes available.  The other CD recordings of the 33rd Band are available on the CDs page of the website.

Lincoln Legend of a Band

Edward Everett Scott was one of the original members of 33rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment Band. Scott is said to have been among the band members who played for the funeral of President Abraham Lincoln.  Read on for more details on the Lincoln Legend.

Keokuk on the
Mississippi 2014

Keokuk on the Mississippi 2014

Lincoln Presidential Museum Ball 2015

ALPM Ball Daniels and Ws 14 Nov 2015 fr CW

Funeral Crowd with the Governor 2015

Funeral Crowd w Governor 2015

The 33rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment Band Inc. was re-created in 1996, by musicians from Central Illinois. Like the original band, the musicians were recruited from the same geographical area in Illinois and come from all walks of life. The band is an authentic re-creation of the actual Civil War Era band that was mustered at State Normal University in 1861.

Funeral Weekend Opening Ceremonies 2015

The 33rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment Band has performed for historic programs, school events, and civic events throughout the Midwest, including many performances in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky, and Wisconsin. The band also plays at military balls and conducts educational programs that address the history of the Civil War era brass band movements and the evolution of brass instruments.

The band's uniforms, sewn from natural wool fibers, are authentic in every detail and are patterned from actual specimens worn by the Union soldier. The authenticity in dress presents the audience with the most accurate appearance possible.

Performances of Distinction

2015: 150th Anniversary of Lincoln's Funeral, Springfield, IL

2014: Illinois State Fair, Springfield, IL

          150th Anniversary Davis County Guerrilla Raid, Bloomfield, IA 

2013: 150th Anniversary of the "Siege of Vicksburg"  Vicksburg, MS

2012: 25th Anniversary Civil War Reenactment, Keokuk, IA

2011: "First Manassas" 150th Anniversary, Manassas, VA

2010:  Gettysburg & Antietam National Battlefields

2009:  Glen Ellyn, IL Founder’s Ball 

2008:  “Railsplitter Ball”, Lincoln, IL 

           Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, Springfield, IL

2007:  Dedication of Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site 
           St. Louis, MO 

2006:  100th Anniversary Re-dedication of the Illinois Monument
           Vicksburg National Military Park, Vicksburg, Mississippi            

2005:  55th Presidential Inaugural Parade, Washington, D.C.

2004:  President Grant's Birthday Celebration, Galena, IL 

           The Great Circus Parade, Milwaukee, WI; 

2003:  Illinois Education Association Convention, Springfield, IL

           National Civil War Band Festivals, Campbellsville, KY

2002:   McLean County Physicians Association Annual Dinner,
            Bloomington Country Club, Bloomington, IL

2001:  Courthouse Christmas Ball, Old Courthouse, St. Louis, MO  

2000:  Civil War Reenactment Wilson’s Creek Battlefield,
           Republic, MO 

1999:  "Once Upon a Holiday", McLean County Courthouse Museum,
           Bloomington, IL

1998:  Military Ball/Reenactment, Clinton, IA

1997:  Civil War Reenactment Ball, Billie Creek Village, Rockport, IN  

1996:  Lincoln's New Salem Historic Site, New Salem, IL

1995:  1858 Political Rally Reenactment, David Davis Mansion

           Historical Site, Bloomington, IL 

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